What is Barcelona.com?

Barcelona.com, since 1994, is one of the first registered private domains, being a singular case among many. At present, this is even a case study among Spanish business schools, since its constitution was a great story and a tough lawsuit in the US, between the public administration of Barcelona and the company that owns the American domain, unleashing the war for a “place name”, which marked a before and after in the world jurisprudence of the internet.

Today it is still a very attractive domain, with a high impact on SEO and with a great capacity for growth, possibly an acquisition opportunity for the next few years for investment companies.

How has Mindset Digital helped them?

Hugo Palomar as CEO of Barcelona.com, a portal with almost 4 million unique views per year, led the company for 18 months to provide the best service to its sole owner. With a long history in the tourism sector, today it is one of the main brands with the best CTR (Click through rate) in Barcelona.

With the focus on creating tactics around the different tourism verticals that allow the company to obtain the best economic results of the last 10 years, the ticketing of tourist attractions, football and some other categories are those that set the course of the short-term company. It implemented a 360º omnichannel strategy, mainly attacking the SEO application. Thanks to SEO and the improvements implemented, Barcelona.com is one of the main ticketing sales companies in the city.

Main KPI’s


Consulting, Strategy and Tactic

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