Success Case with Marketing Automation at GES

Grupo Electro Stocks (GES) is a leading national company in the distribution of electrical, air conditioning, and plumbing materials in Spain. They act as a link between manufacturers and professional installers through B2B business models. Currently, they have a national commercial network of over 79 points of sale, a logistics center, a B2B e-commerce platform, and more than a thousand collaborators.

Thanks to this, GES has maintained sustainable growth and positioned itself as the national distribution company with the highest growth in the Spanish market.

In their catalog, they offer a wide range of products from their own brands (Electro Stocks, Kilovatio, and Fluid Stocks) and leading brands in the market for construction, infrastructure, industry, renewable energy, telecommunications, and special projects sectors

Additionally, in 2019, GES became part of the Würth Group, a global leading German multinational that markets materials for industrial and artisanal sectors, with a catalog of more than 125,000 products and an annual turnover of 13 billion euros. Specifically, GES is part of the electrical material division of Würth Electrical Wholesale (WEG), where GES maintains its identity and has access to extensive resources that allow it to continue its expansion project in Spain.

What Did We Do?

Mindset Digital began working with Grupo Electro Stocks in April 2022 to provide support and operate in the B2B e-commerce part they have. At that time, GES had a database of 15,000 customers, most of whom were inactive or “dormant”.

The challenge was to reactivate the customer database and provide support to their marketing and sales team to optimize and automate their actions and processes. Mindset Digital also had to audit the company’s marketing actions to understand and analyze how they affected the ecommerce and website visit results and whether these translated into sales.

How Did We Do It?

At Mindset Digital, we have supported the sales and marketing teams of Grupo Electro Stocks in the main areas of the company’s digital transformation.

First, we selected the most suitable Project Manager for this project, who was responsible for leading the strategy, planning, and execution of the project alongside the Mindset Digital team. Additionally, we established a weekly 1-hour meeting to track KPIs, align objectives, and actions with the GES team.

As a first step, we conducted audits of digital strategy, analytics, and social media. We performed audits because at Mindset Digital, we believe that analytics is the foundation for measurement to establish the basis for improvement through growth hacking. This allowed us to define the objectives we aimed to achieve with greater precision and establish an action plan tailored to specific needs.

Next, we created a dashboard of KPIs to see how the digital marketing actions carried out by the team affected ecommerce sales and the brand. After analyzing the situation and constructing the KPI dashboard, we proposed various actions to reactivate the database of “dormant” customers.

In this case, the client chose to implement a Customer Data & Marketing tool. Mindset Digital conducted a benchmark and, with the goal of choosing the most suitable tool, we conducted demos with the client to select the one that best met the activation needs of GES’s customer database. Ultimately, the client decided to work with the Polish tool SALESmanago for Marketing Automation. To this day, we continue to work closely with them on the implementation of this tool. In doing so, we meet with the entire marketing team to review the customer’s journey and establish an optimization plan through SALESManago.