Success Case with StockAgile for SEO and SEM

StockAgile is a tool that allows centralizing all sales channels into a single platform (multiple stores, online sales, point of sale terminals, marketplaces, franchises, showroom, and sales agents), as well as analyzing the product lifecycle, offering an omnichannel shopping experience, and managing manufacturing, sales, and inventory processes.

What Did We Do?

We started working with StockAgile in 2021 when it was a startup that was beginning to grow. Specifically, they were in the first phase of the sales funnel: attracting new customers.

The challenge was to create a lead generation automation system through different channels with performance marketing. Analytics and measurement were key to verifying if leads converted into customers. Analyzing the results and making the right decisions for future actions were two other major challenges.

How Did We Do It?

At Mindset Digital, we accompanied StockAgile following the growth hacking-based working methodology. Firstly, we selected the most suitable Project Manager for each type of project, who would lead the strategy, plan, and execute the project with the support of the Mindset Digital team. Next, we established weekly follow-ups with remote meetings of 45 minutes/1 hour to show progress and align objectives and actions with StockAgile’s marketing and sales department.

Firstly, we developed a performance marketing plan where we defined the objectives to achieve, agreed on a budget, and defined the channels to open for the acquisition of qualified leads, as well as the daily KPIs to follow. We chose performance marketing because it allows for more efficient management of the budget allocated to digital advertising.

As a next step, we conducted an in-depth study of the market, customers, and competitors and proposed actions to be developed, automated measurement, and results analysis to optimize future actions. In the case of StockAgile, we experimented with various online campaign channels (social networks and referral platforms) to carry out the lead generation automation system.

Thanks to continuous measurement and daily tracking, we were able to analyze and understand how lead generation evolved in real-time across different channels. After measuring their quality, quantity, and acquisition cost, we analyzed the results and concluded which channels work best in StockAgile’s specific case, thus achieving the goal of increasing lead generation.

Currently, we continue to focus on optimizing performance marketing actions through the most functional channels and testing new lead generation methods.