Mariona Vilanova

The Mariona Vilanova therapeutic aesthetic center is located on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, in Barcelona. This is dedicated to seeking, through self-created treatments where manual techniques applied to the face, neck and décolleté are mixed, to stimulate the skin so that it improves and rejuvenates from the inside out.

Using methods such as: detoxification, tissue activation, muscle relaxation, cell renewal, collagen and elastin production in the deepest layers … The consumer, through these sessions, starts noticing the improve on their state of physical and emotional well-being and, above all, relaxation, factors transferred directly to their face and skin, illuminating, stretching, toning and, above all, beautifying them even more.

How has Mindset Digital helped them?

We help Mariona Vilanova to grow her audience and grow her personal brand and we created the strategy to monetize her key audience.

For this we design the entire Facebook Ads setup and their SEM strategy, in the hands of our Facebook Ads Mindset Digital experts. We create all the personalized audiences, studying their buyer persona, and also creating the remarketing audiences that the Business Facebook Ads tool allows you. From the console setup, we started to manage the ads on a regular basis in order to grow your audience on Instagram and the web to more than 12k followers on Instagram and to convert them, and start to monetize the audience and grow your brand personal.

We also managed and did the daily support of Mariona Vilanova’s ecommerce, integrating shopping tools on the website itself and also monitoring traffic with the help of the integration of tracking pixels. Controlling the main KPIs and checking that the website worked correctly and the UX (user experience) was the best possible.

Apart from ecommerce, we manage and promote the Instagram shop and Facebook shop. Creating the feed of all the products available in the ecommerce itself.

As part of Mariona Vilanova’s sales strategy, we created a sales funnel. We create the process that a user should follow when purchasing on our website and also the pre and post experience of the user with the automation of emails.

Along with Facebook ads, we also activated the Google Adwords lever to protect and increase the personal brand as well as increase the visibility of Mariona Vilanova’s ecommerce products. In this way we were able to increase the personal brand and grow in sales thanks to this and to the high and profitable ROAS.

Finally, we created a data monitoring method based on the main KPIs of the business that the Digital Mindset team updated every week and controlled all the levers thanks to the Google Analytics tool, which we configured for what will work in the Ecommerce functionality from Analytics, so that conversions and their value can be tracked.

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