What is CETT?

CETT is the university center of reference for Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy.

With a history of more than 50 years. The CETT, attached to the University of Barcelona and with a very clear international vocation, has a team made up of the best professional teachers specialized in tourism, gastronomy and accommodation.

How has Mindset Digital helped them?

A unique challenge from the collaboration of more than 5 years ago of Hugo Palomar, with the institution of the CETT, to consolidate a commission from the management of the center, the design of the mention of tourism digital businesses, and a new plan for the future in the University degree.

From the definition of the subjects, as well as the recruitment and selection of teachers, and the design of the teaching itinerary, through new methodologies, which involve the student at the center of learning, and which allows professionals with proven experience to be contributed, his vision and teaching of a new field that combines innovation, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and new technologies.

Main KPI’s


Consulting, Strategy and Tactic

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