Abe Barcelona

Association of 35 art galleries in Barcelona to expand the city's cultural offering and enhance its international presence.


Pioneer brand of food supplements with a complete range of products that provide the deficient nutrients in your diet.

Mariona Vilanova

Therapeutic aesthetic center in Barcelona, with its own treatments that stimulate the skin from the inside out.

SIG Spain

Leading company in the commercial outsourcing sector. His specialty is Point of Sale Management and commercial auditing.

BCN Vision

Company dedicated exclusively to the design, maintenance and installation of artificial vision systems for the industrial sector.


Reference university center in the tourism sector, attached to the University of Barcelona, with a history of more than 50 years.

Casa Vicens

A highly recognized cultural and tourist spot in Barcelona, the first masterpiece of the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.


Carpentry machinery and tools company with true global prestige for its quality, robustness, efficiency and precision.


Tool that allows you to centralize all sales channels on a single platform and analyze the product life cycle.

Grupo Electrostocks

National leading company in distribution of electrical, air conditioning and plumbing material in Spain.