What is Casa Vicens?

The renowned “Casa Vicens”, owned by “Banca Mora”, is the first masterpiece of the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí, wich is located in Carrer de les Carolines number 18-24, in the current district of Gracia.

Built between 1883 and 1885 with the aim of being the summer home of the Vicens family. Gaudí, the highest representative of Catalan modernism, displays his unmatched talent, creating a monument that now, in the hands of the “Casa Vicens Gaudí” association, is considered an essential visit for tourists traveling to Barcelona for the first time and looking beyond the overcrowded tourist icons.

A World Heritage Site declared by Unesco in July 2005 and “Prize for the Best Building” granted by the Barcelona City Council, it is presented as an essential work to understand its architectural language and the development of Modernism in Barcelona, it is an oasis in the middle from Barcelona.

How has Mindset Digital helped them?

The Mindset Digital team accompanies the management team of the monument in the new online marketing strategy, and management of digitization as a tourist monument. The initial entry into Hugo Palomar’s team a year after the initial opening of the monument, helped to consolidate the tourist positioning.

The management of the online channels of PPC campaigns (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads) is also part of the Mindset Digital‘s daily job. The visibility improvement strategy through Trip Advisor, as well as the planning of Kpi’s for the management of key operations. In addition, the Mindset Digital agency team (thanks to its extensive experience in tourism) complements its services, helping with the creation of new B2B channels and managing an efficient sales strategy through its online distributors.

The digitization of the company from each of its areas, database management with the CRM Hubspot, and the integration of the customer service system, or coordination in relation to digital platforms, are the main monthly contributions that help Casa Vicens to continue consolidating its model in a world so changing since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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