Amazon and Other Marketplaces Agency

To increase your sales and enhance your brand positioning, we’ll professionally manage and optimize online sales channels.

A marketplace is a business model based on intermediation between sellers and buyers, where you can find various brands, companies, or shops. In other words, it’s like an online shopping center.

Selling on the Internet is straightforward, but not always done effectively. The audience is much larger, but so is the competition. An online store needs to stand out and differentiate itself from the rest, and to sustain itself, it’s necessary to define a sales strategy that utilizes the necessary tools and techniques.

This is where Mindset Digital will be your strategic ally to help you sell more (and better!) on Amazon and other marketplaces.

What will we do?

We will define a personalized strategic plan and thoroughly study your sector to determine the best marketplace for you.

Our team of digital hackers, as experts in Amazon advertising and marketplace management, will help you fully manage your space on the sales platform, continuously track growth evolution, and boost your positioning and visibility.

How will we do it?

We will apply the following strategies:

Audit of the current listing

  • Creation of KPIs in line with the digital strategy as a measurement basis
  • Weekly and monthly KPI tracking
  • Installation of measurement tools

Upload of top products

  • Brand campaign
  • Segmented category campaign based on keywords
  • Creation of Social Ads, Facebook Ads campaigns, and the use of Google Ads

Improvement of product pages

  • On-page: creation and optimization of content and landing pages to improve organic search rankings and increase traffic and impact
  • Off-page: Creation of campaigns and industry-specific targeting to reach specific targets

Amazon Brand Store

  •  Improvement of the brand’s inter-page to enhance branding and categorize products

Brand Ads + Top Products

  • Brand advertisement, targeting brand keywords to protect it from competitors
  • Automatic product advertising to learn the terms used to search for the product.