What is T-Systems?

The world-renowned company T-Systems, founded in October 2000, is a German multinational company dedicated to IT services and consulting, belonging to the German group “Deutsche Telekom”.

High-performance connection technologies, secure and adapted cloud solutions and its successful digitization models are the main products offered by this company that, both through the development, implementation, integration and management of IT infrastructures and of private / public applications, as well as their advisory services, are known as one of the best companies in the sector.

How has Mindset Digital helped them?

We carry out a Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation Plan for the new Deutsche Telekom brand that opens in Spain to improve B2B telecommunications, known as T-Systems.

When dealing with a new brand, we had to do an in-depth study of the competition, benchmarking with the main European competitors, as well as doing a deep study of the buyer persona.

When creating a new brand we had to do a new customer journey and do an explanation and training of the different levers, to activate omnichannel, that could be activated for this new section of the large Deutsche Telekom company.

Among the levers of the training are SEO, SEM (Adwords), Social Media, Email marketing (with tools like Mailchimp), the introduction and creation of a webinar and sales funnel, Affiliates and digital media.

On the other hand, we focus on explaining well the importance of a good PR and communication team and how they can increase your brand presence (branding) and positioning both offline and online and thus also grow some levers ( like SEO).

Finally, our team of experts in 360º digital marketing strategy designed a tactical action plan to activate the levers when creating and launching the new brand on the market and how to attract new B2B leads from day one. The action plan consists of all the tools to know how to operate them from the beginning.

Finally, we support them in the creation of the new brand with strategic recommendations and proposing partnerships, with complementary companies, in order to increase their presence, create a good 360º service differentiation strategy, good segmentation and understanding of the market (key to know how to attack a market well) and therefore be able to grow well and quickly from moment 0.


Consulting, Strategy and Tactic

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