What is Sigeurope?

The company “Service Innovation Group”, also known by the acronym SIG, is one of the leading and most experienced companies in the business outsourcing sector.

Created more than 30 years ago, it specializes, above all, in point of sale management and commercial auditing, enhancing the image of the brand of its users, exponentially increasing its sales and making them benchmarks in their own markets.

How has Mindset Digital helped them?

We updated the corporate page of the company “Sigeurope” with the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) tool.

Here you can find the final result of the Sigeurope Spain website: Sigeurope Spain website

To begin with, our experts in Web (Usability) and UX (User experience) created the templates and web design with the Elementor plugin. From the incial designs, we began to dump all the content (with a process of improvement and review) that they had on their old website.

We also add some plugins in WordPress that improve the user experience (UX), such as the WhatsApp chat on the web directly below on the right. Whenever we design a website we make it responsive and thinking like Google, Mobile First.

Once all the content was uploaded, we had to migrate WordPress and transfer WordPress to its current hosting so that it could be published.

On the other hand, within the web we also add a blog with WordPress (Sigeurope Spain Blog) created from templates created by us with Elementor so that the blog writing process would be as simple as possible and as elegant as possible (and not a simple WordPress template).

Finally, as one of our more important task we are supporting Sigeurope, putting at their disposal our team of Mindset Digital digital marketing experts continuously, helping them to keep updating their Web, design changes (Usability and UX), and help them in their digital marketing strategy and digital transformation.

Main KPI’s


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